Peak Travel Reminders for Christmas and New Year

‘Tis the season for festive chaos, but fear not, savvy travelers! Christmas and New Year’s in the Philippines are like a grand fiesta, and navigating the holiday travel maze can be as smooth as a sleigh ride with these Cebu Pacific-approved tips:

  1. Early Bird Gets the Plane: Beat the hustle and bustle by being fashionably early. Three hours for domestic flights, four for international, and for those jetting off to Dubai, consider it a fashionably early seven!
  2. Digital Check-in Dance: Skip the line tango at the airport by checking in online through the CEB app or website. Dance your way through Terminal 3 Gate 1 with a digital boarding pass – no paper cuts, just smooth moves!
  3. Baggage Tetris: Pack light, pack right! One carry-on for the overhead bin and a personal item for under your seat – both under 7kg. Exceed the limit, and your bags might get a scolding at the gate.
  4. Baggage Bargain Hunt: Splurge wisely on baggage. Pre-purchase online and unlock up to three 20kg pieces. Save on fees, and you can even add extra weight – because, why not?
  5. DIY Bag Tag Fiesta: If you’re in the domestic party circuit (Manila, Davao, Clark, etc.), self-tag your luggage before hitting the counters. It’s like the pregame before the baggage-drop shindig!
  6. Time Check, Flight Check: Don’t be fashionably late; check-in counters close an hour before departure. Glide through immigration and security like a pro. Boarding starts 45 minutes before liftoff – fashionably efficient!
  7. Terminal Tango: Know your terminal salsa. NAIA Terminal 3 for 5J flights, Terminal 4 for DG flights. Check your boarding pass and avoid a dance-off with confused fellow travelers.

So, deck the halls, but also your travel plans. Follow these tips, and your holiday journey will be the smoothest dance of the year! ????????✈️

We are grateful to every Juan for choosing to fly with us. We look forward to more travels with you, and your families and friends. CEB now flies to a total of 35 domestic and 25 international destinations. Visit for more information.


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