Waterfront Mactan Welcomes Christmas Season with Festival of Lights

Waterfront Mactan kicks off the Christmas season with its theme the Festival of Lights, an enchanting journey that ignites the spirit of hope and renewal.

As guests step onto the hotel’s driveway, they will be captivated by the “Walkway of Hope,” a path adorned with lanterns bearing wishes and dreams. These almost 300 parols are personally handcrafted by the inmates of the Bureau of Jail Management and Penology. Waterfront Mactan invites all attendees to let their aspirations blend with the collective hopes of the vibrant community.

Waterfront Mactan christened their Christmas tree as the “Bayanihan Tree.” This magnificent tree symbolizes strength, much like an airport tower guiding aircraft through the night sky. It also stands as a powerful emblem of unity, where families and friends come together to share their blessings and support each other in times of need. The tree serves as a testament to the community’s collective triumph over challenges, reminding all present that just as the tree shines brighter when all its lights unite, the community grows stronger when they stand together.

As the tree’s branches light up one by one, the Bayanihan Tree shares its own story of hope and renewal. With every flicker, it narrates tales of unity, resilience, and the unwavering hope that defines the Filipino spirit. Every guest becomes an integral part of this narrative, offering a renewed sense of optimism and a deeper connection to the Filipino soul.

The celebration extends beyond the brilliance of lights as it underscores Waterfront Mactan’s commitment to the community. In the spirit of giving, the Festival of Lights celebration connects to the adopted community in Caohagan Island, where many families lack access to electricity. In alignment with this meaningful cause, Waterfront Mactan has initiated a Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) project to provide solar lamps to the residents of Caohagan Island. These solar lamps will not only illuminate their homes but also brighten their lives with hope and new opportunities.

The Festival of Lights at Waterfront Mactan is a celebration that weaves tradition, joy, community, and a touch of magic into one memorable evening—the Waterfront way. 

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