DAY 23 #afterOdettePHNaka tubig na ba nag tanan?! Dili naka mulinya, dili naka mag alsa-alsa…Get instant purified water directly from your faucet with IVO Water Purifier. IVO uses Hollow Fiber Membrane that filters up to 0.1 micron bacteria. The same technology used in dialysis machines and artificial kidneys so it assures a 99.99% Bacteria Free water directly from your faucet.

It meets the standard of Japanese Water Purification System and certified by Philippines Department of Health. – AMOEBA =10 microns- SALMONELLA = 0.5 micron- E.COLI = 0.5 micron- CHOLERA = 0.4 micron It also uses activated carbon that removes residual chlorine that removes bad taste and bad odor in water. It saves space in bulky and heavy containers, it is also compact and no electricity required. You can have this IVO Faucet mounted Water filter for only Php 1,980.00 at PRG Photo Shop in Raintree Mall or message their official social media accounts or contact: 09190760132 to have it delivered to your homes.#IVOwaterPurifier#WaterPurifier#PRGphotoshop#TheDentistIsOut

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