Win More with San Miguel Beer’s ExtendedInstant GCash Panalo Promo San Miguel Brewery Inc. (SMB), the country’s top beer producer, continues to serve up wins with its INSTANT GCASH PANALO NG SAN MIGUEL BEER OKTOBERFEST. Outlasting the fervor of its annual beer festival, SMB keeps pouring wins up until the new year by continuing to serve surprises under-the-crown of its most loved bottled brews. New year, new normal, new opportunities. As SMB extends its instant GCash prizes promo until early 2022, drinkers can keep winning by simply enjoying their favorite bottles of San Miguel Beer and checking under its crowns. The promo offers added joy to the Holidays as well as an opulent start to kick off the New Year. With over 80,000 winners nationwide, beer lovers get a chance to win instantly in just five easy steps – BUY, LOOK, SCAN, TYPE, and WIN. 1) BUY any of the following San Miguel Beer in bottles – San Miguel Pale Pilsen (320ml and 1L), San Mig Light (330ml), Red Horse Beer (330ml, 500ml, and 1L), San Miguel Flavored Beer Apple, Lemon, or Lychee (330ml), San Mig Zero (330ml), and Gold Eagle Beer (330ml and 1L). 2) LOOK for a printed 8-character alphanumeric code under the crown. If there’s a code, the crown is a sure winner. 3) SCAN the QR Code printed on posters and posted on San Miguel Oktoberfest social media pages to open the GCash – Oktoberfest promo page ( 4) TYPE the GCash account number and the exact code found under the crown and click on the reward button to claim your prize. 5) WIN cash rewards of up to Php5,000 credited real time by San Miguel Oktoberfest. Don’t throw away those crowns. There’s still time to join the thousands of drinkers who have already won prizes by simply looking under the crowns of their favorite San Miguel Beers. Stop, look, win, and use the rewards at the nearest store accepting GCash to buy anything, including more San Miguel Beer. BUY, LOOK, SCAN, TYPE, and WIN with INSTANT GCASH PANALO NG SAN MIGUEL BEER OKTOBERFEST. Promo is available in areas where allowed from September 1, 2021 until January 31, 2022. For more promos and updates like and follow San Miguel Oktoberfest on Facebook (

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