LITTLE PLACE, BIG TASTE!Master Po, Cebu’s home of authentic Chinese food at an affordable price is now open for indoor dining at Plaza Nouvelle, Tuesdays-Sundays, 11AM-8PM.If you haven’t visited them yet, THIS IS THE SIGN! And if you have no idea what to order, here’s my suggestion:

Baked Porkchop Rice P150Sweet & Sour Shrimp Rice P200White Chicken P195Stuffed Egg Plant P110Siomai P90Tofu Skin Roll P115Beef Brisket Houffan Soup P165Red Bean Glutinous Ball P60Ube Cheese Glutinous Ball P60Almond Jelly w/ Herbal Jelly P60For table reservations:09998844119 ; 09105062768

They also offer delivery & pick-up, you may contact the number above, or order through their commissary at: (032) 2606036 ; 09173235026OR VISIT:

AND IN ORDERING ENTER THE PROMO CODE: “DOOKIEXAVE” FOR AN AUTOMATIC 5% DISCOUNT ON YOUR TOTAL BILL!Please also follow there official social media accounts to be updated with their promos.


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