I SURVIVED! Yes! Three days of drinking to wellness. I never thought i could finish three days of juicing to reboot my body! With proper fruit & vegetable combination and proportion every juice just taste right.

Juicyfied offers different detoxification programs and what I experienced is the THREE DAY REBOOT PROGRAM.

Third Day is the “Reboot day”, the day where we get rid of water retained in our body and flushes out all toxins, it re-establishes healthy eating habits and brings back normal state of enjoying nutrient-dense meal. It also increases the amounts of some health promoting bacteria and lowered the bacteria that cause illness and lastly boost your immunity.

Breakfast: GTOX
Apple, Celery, Cucumber, Spinach
Lemon, Lettuce, Turmeric, Spinach
Morning Snack: BELLE
Pineapple, Bellpeppee, Cucumber
Turmeric, Celery
Midmorning Snack: PINK POWER
Beets, Pineapple, Grapes
Lemon, Cucumber, Apple
Spinach, Apple, Parsley
Cucumber, Carrots
Afternoon Snack : CLAIRION
Apple, Carrots, Cucumber
Pineapple, Spinach
Late afternoon Snack: POWER CLEANSE
Lemon, Water, Honey
Tumeric, Cayenne
Apple, Cucumber, Lemon
Lettuce, Spinach

Three-day program is at P3000. which includes 21 juice bottles and six Detox Tea. To order you may message their be official social media accounts or for faster transaction pls call or text: 0906 508 5064.

All orders are in pre-order basis to assure freshness as they are not using preservatives, no sugar added or water, all purely squeezed from fruits and vegetables.

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