Puede mu bow sa mga 51Talk’s Filipino Teachers?!

51Talk teachers with its top astronomers, will definitely launch from Philippines to outer space! Curiosity, the future, education and lastly exploration, these were the focus during the live panel discussion of 51Talk on their 10th anniversary day.

Learned a lot that i would be useful in my day-to-day life!Indeed, 51Talk doesn’t only offers job, they offer discussions that can really help you soar the universe.Want to know what did i learned?Visit their official social media account and watch that very insightful live. Can’t wait for the next one!Kung wala kaayo kay lingaw, make time… Join 51Talk and be part of this amazing community!Click here to register: https://51talk.ph/referrals?channel=1&source=1368&referrer_id=0#High10To51Talk

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