URC Introduces New Snacks and Drinks Universal Robina Corporation (URC) recently unveiled new snack and beverage offerings that consumers can enjoy anytime. Patrons of the popular Cream-O chocolate cookies can enjoy its chocolatey goodness with the new Cream-O Cake Bar. It’s a soft chocolate cake with creamy chocolate filling topped with irresistible chocolate chip toppings that complement its overall texture. For milk tea fans, the new X.O. Milk Tea candy is a fresh take on smooth wintermelon tea and sweet cream flavors all packed in a candy. With its rich-tasting milk tea flavor for just a peso, this variant is ideal for those who crave for milk tea sans having to go out and get a cupful. Cheese lovers will also enjoy two new cheese-flavored treats from URC. Aside from launching a new look for its packs, Magic Creams has introduced a new Cheese variant. It’s ideal for those who want a quick, energizing snack. URC has also unveiled Cheesy Knots, a yummy milky-cheese flavored coated pretzel snack. Go ahead and try it now, and say cheese to Knots and Knots of fun with the new Cheesy Knots. Missing your go-to coffee in your favorite coffee shop? Great Taste is introducing its new Iced Coffee series available in three popular coffeeshop flavors: Caramel Macchiato, Vanilla Latte and Chocolate Mocha. Lastly, C2 fans can add another refreshing and healthy drink on their list with the new C2 Plus Immuno-C. This orange-flavored juice tea drink is made from 100% natural tea leaves, combined with the power of Vitamin C and Zinc to help boost your immunity! These new snacks and beverages, along with many other well-loved treats from URC, are now available in select groceries and supermarkets nationwide. Lean more about URC’s products by visiting its website (www.urc.com.ph) or by following @URCPhilippines on Facebook.


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