Ganahan ka makahinumdom sa imong ex?!Hipon.. baboy… Lami! aw kuyawan!Suwayi ang Spicy Hipon with Pork sa Geng’s Shoppe kay paminaw nako mas lami pa! ?Another summer weekend is up, off to the beach? or you want to satisfy your favourite beach munch?!

Spicy Hipon & Pork plus.. saging? camote? mangga? or bisan sa puso or rice pa, Geng’s Shoppe will definitely satisfy your cravings. And if you don’t like it spicy, you can have a special order, in the same way if you want it extra spicy, request lang sugot ra sila.A 200-gram bottle is at P110, but if you order five, it will be at P500 only.To order you may message their official social media accounts or contact 09552748377.


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