TGIF! Finished my clinic early and went to My JoySM Seaside City Cebu (Official) to cap off the week with my childhood favorite but now they offer it with a twist!MyJoy now offers our favourite halo-halo into a shake that is a perfect pair to their tacos. Equally love their beef and pork tacos and now they are offering a tuna variant. Since halo-halo is now a drink, their Mango Sago is now my go to dessert.

MyJoy is located at the Third floor, Skypark just across Sky Play. They are open everyday 11AM-7PM.It’s been always #SafeMallingAtSMseaside, they are doing their part, so let’s do ours.

Do register for contact tracing, you just have to do it once you enter and once inside, scanning and registering in store you will be going in would be very quick. Follow social distancing, the markers and lastly wear mask and faceshield at all times.


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